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Policies of ClientBonus

Privacy Policies

ClientBonus strives to protect sensitive information of its members. Such information is kept confidential at all stages. Name and contact details (such as, for example, physical and mailing address, telephone and fax number) are only used by ClientBonus staff to contact the member in order to discuss financial matters and/or other important aspects related to it. ClientBonus will not disclose such information to any third party unless it is legally required to do so by appropriate authorities.

The following pieces of information are kept confidential by ClientBonus:
  • Full name, physical address, email, telephone, fax numbers;
  • Quantities, volumes and timing of purchased bonuses;
  • Particular details of business (except for those indicated in the member profile).

Credit Cards

ClientBonus may use a third party provider for credit card processing. They may require credit card information to be submitted by the member. Such data is forwarded online by the Client to a third party billing service through encrypted and protected protocols and is used by that service for the sole purposes of processing the payment. ClientBonus would at no moment have any access to such data, neither it would request, store, or process such credit card information on its website.


In order to improve member experience, this website offers a Testimonials section. This section may publish video materials containing the title of the business, full or partial, country of origin, and the story of interaction with ClientBonus. All such information is only made public with a verbal or written consent of the member and can be removed at any moment upon his/her request.

Payment and Refund Policies

1. The below Payment Policies are applied to members who joined the ClientBonus by registering on this website.

2. Specific application of payment terms and modalities may vary in different countries based on local legislation.

3. Members who joined the ClientBonus and added funds to their balance in any legitimate way, may only spend such balances to receive bonus certificates from ClientBonus. No refund or payout of such funds is foreseen.

4. It is the responsibility of ClientBonus to provide the member with a convenient and reliable means of payment. These may include, but not limited to:
  • Payment to a bank account
  • Card payment
  • Payment through one of online payment services such as Paypal, Skrill, Qiwi, etc.
  • Crypto currencies