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Description of service

What is ClientBonus

ClientBonus is an online service that offers businesses across the world a unique opportunity to award their customers with a huge bonus - up to 50 000 Euro of wins in a lottery.

Who can join

Any business from any country of the world, or private person who is involved in providing a service or product to any third person or party. To join, an account is needed.

How much does it cost?

The fixed cost of one bonus package is 49 Euro. With this amount paid to the ClientBonus, a total of 50 lottery tickets with a bonus code are made available to the member, allowing to play in a total of 200 cycles of the partnered MBlottery which is an equivalent of 600 Euro if/when lottery tickets are to be bought directly from the lottery.

49 Euro
paid to ClientBonus
is equivalent
600 Euro
paid to MBlottery

What is a bonus card?

The bonus card can be a piece of paper or an electronic document containing a code to participate in the MBlottery. Such code can be entered into the lottery to activate the player balance of 12 Euro, allowing to play in four (4) its cycles.

The code looks like this:

When bonus cards become available?

Automatically after the bonus package is purchased from ClientBonus. The 50 bonus codes can be found in the member account.

How to pay?

There are several ways to pay for the bonus package. More information about payment methods can be found in the member's account.