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Make your business different
Tell your clients why it is better to buy from your business, not from your competitors. Make a unique offer that nobody else can...
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Add a special value to your product or service that increases its attractiveness. This feature is amazingly easy to add and deliver.
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Bind your client to your business for lifetime by offering a bonus that lasts for years. Make your brand and product/service remembered forever.
Any business, service or product
With ClientBonus universal offer, ANY type of business, offline or online, in any country across the world can be promoted. It is extremely easy to join and make happen!
From self-employed to big companies
Business of any size or even independent entrepreneurs can join ClientBonus: our offer works for any sales, any material or virtual product or service.
Low cost, managing it your way
With Clientbonus, you decide whether to spend much or keep the budget low. You can regulate the related cost at any moment in the way you need.